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Orthognathic Surgery

Jaw Surgery(Orthognathic surgery)

It is a procedure by which the upper or lower jaw is surgically moved forward or backward as per need to attain a harmonious relationship between the upper and lower jaws and improve the appearance of the patient.
Any individual with difficulty in the following areas should be evaluated for possible orthognathic surgery:

1. Difficulty in chewing, biting or swallowing
2. Speech problems
3. Chronic jaw or TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) pain
4. Open bite
5. Protruding upper or lower jaw
6. Breathing problems
7. Retruded upper or lower jaw


Orthognathic surgery (Jaw surgery ) before after image

If a patient decides not to undergo this procedure most important, the patient cannot get a normal, pleasing appearance. Secondly, due to abnormal relationship between the upper and lower jaws, patient cannot eat or speak properly. It can hamper daily activities by affecting the self-confidence of the person. The surgeon along with the Orthodontist will assess you clinically as well as assess your radiographs (X-rays) thoroughly and decide the jaw at fault and come up with a custom-made treatment plan to suit your problem

The surgery will be done under general anesthesia and you will be required to be admitted for 5 to 7 days There is no scar formation on the face as the surgery is done from within the mouth. It does not involve any incision on the facial skin.


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