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Revision Surgeries

What are Revision surgeries:

Revision or Redo Surgeries are done for patients who have already had one or more prior cleft lip palate or other surgery; but the surgery has failed in creating a normal look, form or function.

Dr Richardson with his vast experience regularly improves upon the results of patients who have already had surgeries elsewhere. Age no bar. The number of earlier surgeries, no bar.

In addition to these regular surgeries, the patient may require to undergo a few extra procedures in case the previous surgeries have resulted in some sub-optimal results like

Problems such as:

  • excessive scarring of the lip
  • an unacceptable look of the lip (notching or white roll mismatch)
  • palatal fistula (hole in the palate)
  • unclear speech
  • Nasal deformity.
Revisionsurgery before after image

Before after image of Revision surgeries done for a patient at Richardsons hospital india.

What can be done in Redo (Revision) surgery?

Revision surgery for the lip or closure of the fistula in the palate.

For speech improvement, a re-repair of the soft palate may be done to improve the muscle approximation and thus improve speech.

Nasal surgeries can be redone, in case the previous surgery has not improved the nasal appearance.

When is Revision surgery done?

Revision surgeries are done when there is a problem with facial esthetics due to the presence of a scar or deformed nose or unclear surgery even after the first surgery. Correction surgeries can be done.