Cleft Palate Surgery


It is a birth defect that causes the presence of a gap in the roof of the mouth. The Cleft Palate Surgery will take place at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital Naagercoil in India.

Cleft Ppalate surgery india

Types of cleft palate:

It may be isolated or present along with cleft lip. A cleft palate may be either unilateral or bilateral and is either complete or incomplete. A complete cleft of the entire palate involves the length of the primary and secondary palate. An incomplete cleft involves only the secondary palate. When cleft palate occurs, the uvula is usually split.

Causes of cleft lip palate:

It is a birth defect that can be caused by a variety of factors including In utero exposure to certain drugs or medications, increased maternal age cigarette smoking, alcohol exposure, maternal trauma are some of the known risk factors for cleft palate.

Problems faced by the child?

It causes many difficulties including speech, mastication etc. The primary problem faced by such babies is feeding difficulties. Babies with an unrepaired cleft palate will typically have difficulties creating enough suction to get sufficient milk from the breast or teat Due to the clefts present these children need to be fed with special feeding bottles as it difficult to take feeds with a standard nipple.

Best Treatment modality for a Cleft Palate Surgery in India ?

These Patients require comprehensive care from the very beginning, as proper palate repair is the biggest step towards achieving normal speech and function. Our doctors work as a team, right from the diagnosis of the problem until the treatment has been rendered. Even after the surgery, these children require speech therapy to improve their speech abilities, which is provided here at Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital.

Before cleft lip and palate surgery india
After cleft lip and palate surgery india

Our Protocol for the Cleft Palate Surgery in India?

The cleft palate repair is undertaken when the child is approximately 10 months of age.

Why choose Richardson hospital for Cleft Palate Surgery in India (palatoplasty)?

We have the largest database of Palatoplasty cases that have been published worldwide. Over 10000 cases have been successfully operated as well as been documented.

Our doctors work as a team to provide quality care to the child. We believe that the primary surgery must be done well and correctly, thus eliminating the need for another correction surgery as well as providing the child with better speech and function.

Our main aim is to render function and form to a child with cleft palate in such a way that the child is no different from a child without cleft palate deformity.

RICHARDSONS dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Nagercoil is located 68 kilometres from Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), Kerala’s capital. It is well connected by air from India’s business capital Mumbai and also New Delhi. The local Nagercoil railway station is well concerted to various South Indian large cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Cochin. Madurai is the largest and nearest city in south Tamilnadu.



Before cleft palate with encephalocele
After cleft palate with encephalocele
Later cleft palate with encephalocele
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