Frequently Asked Question

What are the common surgeries at Richardsons Dental & Craniofacial Hospital?
How do I reach Richardsons Hospital from Oversees?
Will I have visible scars?
When can I begin work out after surgery?
What kind of anesthesia is used in surgery?
What are the hospital timings and official working hours?
Is the hospital open in cases of emergency for accident and trauma cases?
Is diagnostic scanning available at the hospital or should we go elsewhere for the scanning?
What options do you have for Lip Enhancement?
What are various jaw surgeries at Richardsons?
Do you show before and after pictures?
What’s the usual downtime after a Rhinoplasty surgery?
How successful is the Rhinoplasty at Richardsons?
What’s the age appropriate for Rhinoplasty?
Is Rhinoplasty available for everyone?
At what age can a cleft child be operated upon?
Will a cleft palate child be able to speak clearly after surgery?
What’s the difference between Cleft palate and Cleft lip?
Is hair transplantation treatment a permanent solution?
Can Male Pattern Baldness be treated at Richardsons?
What are hair transplantation techniques in Richardsons?
Can my mustache or eyebrows be transplanted?
What are the non-surgical methods for hair loss treatment?
When do we need Dental Implants?
Why are children’s dental visits necessary?
If we lose a tooth in an accident, can it be restored?
Are Dental Implants safe?
Can my child get Dental Implants?
Do dental implants cause bad breath?
My face is noticeably asymmetrical. My nose is crooked and one cheek is bigger than the other. Am I a candidate for Facial Reconstructive surgery?
Do you have a solution for sagging skin in face and Neck?
I am a female with male like chin appearance. Can I have a chin surgery which will correct my chin at Richardsons?
If by an accident, I had a hard blow near my eye, can my face be restored?
Are traumatized cheekbones restored via surgery?
Can a Tongue Tie Release be done at Richardsons?
When Can I fly after a cosmetic surgery?

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