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Undeniably, facial trauma, or craniomaxillofacial trauma is one of the health conditions that require prompt attention and accurate diagnosis in order to ensure proper treatment. This is because these traumas often cause complex bony and soft tissue injuries. At Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, we are the best facial trauma care hospital that offers trusted, reliable, and dependable facial fracture treatment in India.
Our physicians approach the treatment of facial traumas of both the face and skull with cutting edge diagnostic and surgical facilities and techniques. We boast of licensed and board-certified physicians who are well trained in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. This alone provides them with optimum expertise and experience to successfully reconstruct the features of the face, thus returning our patients to optimum functionality and performance.

With the use of high-resolution CT scanners coupled with three dimensional CT formatting, our surgeons are able to create a life-like simulation of the fractures from the facial trauma in order to obtain the best possible outcomes.

In spite of the accuracy in our diagnostic procedures and injury analysis of trauma surgery, some patients tend to develop long term functional or cosmetic deformities that require additional intervention. Common causes of post-traumatic facial deformities could include soft tissue, atrophy, malar flattening, cranial defects, and so forth.

facial trauma surgery in india

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At Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, we are the best facial trauma care hospital in India, and we carry out the best facial trauma surgical services with cutting edge facilities and techniques. Our physicians and facial surgeons are well trained and well experienced to offer novel and innovative approaches to the treatment of trauma surgery and post-traumatic deformities.

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maxillofacial trauma surgery in india
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