Alveolar Bone Grafting


In India alveolar bone graft surgery is a technique in which bone is grafted into the cleft site inside the jaws. For Alveolar Bone Grafting, The bone is most commonly taken from the iliac or hip bone.


The primary aim of any cleft-related surgery is to restore the proper function of the patient with respect to occlusion. The eruption of teeth in proper order and chronology is an important factor. In cleft patients due to the presence of the cleft over the alveolus, the teeth in the vicinity of the cleft fail to erupt. It is required to fill up the gap in the bone so that teeth can erupt into the new bone. Also, it helps raise the base of all of the nose and assists in Rhinoplasty.

When alveolar bone graft surgery done in india?

Alveolar Bone Grafting – The treatment should be ideally timed somewhere between 6-7 years of age and prior to the eruption of teeth in the cleft region..

The main aims of the treatment are:

  • The form & Function should be restored
  • Proper occlusal relationship of the maxilla and mandible must be created & maintained.
  • The eruption of the tooth in the vicinity of the cleft should be stimulated.
  • An arch form should improve as well.

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Alveoloplasty surgery in india
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