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In India Otoplasty surgery refers to a facial surgery carried out to correct deformities associated with the human ear. Whether it is the size or the distance from the head, the otoplasty is considered the best surgical procedure to correct all deformities associated with the human ear. However, one thing you need to know is that otoplasty only addresses aesthetic issues and not able to address problems relating to difficulties in the proper functioning of the ear.

If you’re bothered about the distance between your head and your ear, then you should consider otoplasty. If, on the other hand, your primary concern is that your ears are misshapen as a result of a congenital disability or an injury, then otoplasty is the perfect way to correct such deformities.

ear reconstruction surgery in india

Why is Otoplasty surgery Performed on Patients?

Most otoplasty procedures are carried out on patients, specifically children, in order to help them better adapt and blend with their peers in their immediate environment. In most cases, children with some kind of deformities relating to the ear suffer some forms of ridicule, poor adaptation to school, and they tend to feel extremely self-conscious. Therefore, otoplasty is conducted on patients who are in good health with no serious diseases or pre-existing medical issues.

otoplasty surgery in india

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At Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital in India, we boast of the best otoplasty surgeons in India to help you carry out excellent otoplasty surgery procedures on your children from India and the neighboring cities. What makes us stand out is our exceptional service delivery. We take our time to carefully study the framework of your child’s ear comprehensively in order to decide the best treatment approach.

When it comes to an otoplasty service delivery company that offers the best ear plastic surgery in India, look no further than Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital.

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