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"Kumaran is now a happy, healthy and handsome young boy who loves life. This would not have been the case without Dr. Sunil Richardson and his excellent team, we will be forever grateful for their work."
Mr. & Mrs. Sathish Iyengar
Madurai, Tamilnadu
Heart full of thanks to Dr. Sunil Richardson and his team for giving my child a new face and thereby a new life. Thanks a lot for the kind and sympathetic attitude of your staff. Be a great institution of excellence which can wipe the tears of thousands....
M. Thankappan Nair
Thank You Dr. Richardson and the complete team. Being 2500kms away from home, I really did not face any difficulty during my stay. The people of Nagercoil also very nice and the place is really beautiful. I had never heard about this town in my entire life, but now this place has become very special to me. Hope to visit this place again. Really thankful for the successful operation and the good hospitality. Until next time...
Tarun Paul Kachhap
Ranchi, Jharkand
My baby Master ‘Shreyan Samanta’ was born with cleft lip and palate. I have come to known about Dr. Sunil Richardson through my friend. I have come here and the surgery of cleft lip was done on the very arrival date, without having any delay. We found it was an amazing result; being parent we were really delighted to see the result after the operation, and no one would be able to identify the pre surgery scenario of my baby. I would highly recommend to every single patient having such anamolies. Don’t think anything, just come here, it will all be one. Dr. Richardson is very very kind person. I have rarely seen energetic and so friendly doctor with such high quality, technically same person. God may bless him a lot. Please continue to provide the beautiful smile.
Bappa Divya Samanta
Kolkatta, India
Just a short note to tell that you are really a blessed person in God. Through you we have regained our life and happiness, from my heart I appreciate the beautiful job that you have done for my son ..I feel great satisfaction ,your confidence and the compassion has changed all our lives. I am so lucky to get you as my son's doctor. we wish all the best for your future assignments.
Rakhy Sreekumar


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