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Kumaran is now a happy, healthy and handsome young boy who loves life. This would not have been the case without Dr. Sunil Richardson and his excellent team, we will be forever grateful for their work.”


Mr. & Mrs. Sathish Iyengar, Madurai, Tamilnadu

My baby Master ‘Shreyan Samanta’ was born with cleft lip and palate. I have come to known about Dr. Sunil Richardson through my friend. I have come here and the surgery of cleft lip was done on the very arrival date, without having any delay. We found it was an amazing result; being parent we were really delighted to see the result after the operation, and no one would be able to identify the pre surgery scenario of my baby. I would highly recommend to every single patient having such anamolies. Don’t think anything, just come here, it will all be one. Dr. Richardson is very very kind person. I have rarely seen energetic and so friendly doctor with such high quality, technically same person. God may bless him a lot. Please continue to provide the beautiful smile.


Bappa Divya Samanta, Kolkatta, India.

Just a short note to tell that you are really a blessed person in God. Through you we have regained our life and happiness, from my heart I appreciate the beautiful job that you have done for my son ..I feel great satisfaction ,your confidence and the compassion has changed all our lives. I am so lucky to get you as my son’s doctor. we wish all the best for your future assignments.


Rakhy Sreekumar, Dubai.

My experience with Dr Sunil Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Centre was a very good and interesting learning course with his team of workers. Really I got too many experiences in Rhinoplasty and craniofacial surgeries here. Also he gave me a chance to with my hand under his supervision and his support and gave me all experiences and all tricks which I have to know .This is a very good chance for me to start my plastic surgery cases. Thank you Dr.Sunil and your good team.


DR. Randa, ENT Surgeon, Kuwait.

“Hello! My name is Andrey Zaika, I am from Moscow, Russia. Recently I have received dental treatment in Dr. Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital in Nagercoil. I am truly amazed by the high level of professionalism and friendliness of doctors and nurses, great sanitary conditions in the clinic, and state-of-the-art equipment used here. I’d be more than happy to recommend this hospital to my Russian colleagues and friends.”

Andrey Zaika, Moscow, Russia.

My name is Elizabeth colon I have a 7 year old with a cleft lip / palate and I’m aware that for a rhinoplasty she has to be at least 17 years of age. My question is do you only work in India or do you also come to America? Specifically to Tampa, Florida? I’ve seen your work and think you are a great doctor and would love for my daughter to have the best there is for her nose.

Elizabeth Colon

The experience gained here is PRICELESS!! Two months and I have gained such a good insight into cleft, craniofacial & aesthetic surgical procedures! Dr. SUNIL RICHARDSON sir is one gem of a person; truly inspirational, kind & person with good humour at the same time. He is a great teacher; fun to be with. I really thank him for giving me this opportunity to work with him; assist & observe him over a period of two months. Would love to come back here & learn from him.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

Thank you to all the staff @Richardsons

Forever grateful

Vasantha Dhara, Hyderabad.

We are really very happy to be here. What we heard about Dr. Richardson, we got more than. Staff are very cordial and supportive. We will come back for next treatment.


Aakansha Singh

Heart full of thanks to Dr. Sunil Richardson and his team for giving my child a new face and thereby a new life. Thanks a lot for the kind and sympathetic attitude of your staff. Be a great institution of excellence which can wipe the tears of thousands….

M. Thankappan Nair, Kerala

Thank You Dr. Richardson and the complete team. Being 2500kms away from home, I really did not face any difficulty during my stay. The people of Nagercoil also very nice and the place is really beautiful. I had never heard about this town in my entire life, but now this place has become very special to me. Hope to visit this place again. Really thankful for the successful operation and the good hospitality. Until next time…


Tarun Paul Kachhap Ranchi, Jharkand.

” Good to know and Yeah my face has changed drastically you made me look exactly how I did back when I used to be told I was one of the eye catchiest guys until for whatever reason my chin stopped growing after end of 2014 took me a whole year to realise why my face was changing and why it was looking different what was it missing I realized it was my chin I kept questioning myself why did it happen what did it stop growing in 2017 I thought maybe I need to gain muscle but it didn’t make sense to I didn’t know how to fix it I had developed an habit of pushing my lower jaw forward I didn’t even realize it I just didn’t feel comfortable but I didn’t know how to fix it by 2018 my face has changed so much I didn’t even realize it ppl told me I have changed i thought Its because I gained some weight after searching on the internet for months I learned it could be fixed by some implant or something but it didn’t feel right to me those implants looked odd to me but at this point I could accept anything to get rid of my habit of pushing my jaw forward I contacted other sugeons who do these things talked to them with nothing in my just that I will maybe stop pushing my jaw forward to avoid looking like someone with weak pushed back chin that made me look not what I am mentally. I just couldn’t accept it so I just wanted anything to be done to it that would just help me with my habit of protruding my jaw….. I didn’t care how I looked like (reason why I was laughing when you were checking the mid line and stuff with scale cuz you thought I might have accidentally hit my chin but cuz my right side of lip looked different now that I look exactly how I did before I remembered my lips always looked that way and I like it.i was laughing cuz I could accept anything at this point honestly but now I realized I would have looked worse if it was actually pushed another side) I just no longer cared about how I looked like at that point I just wanted to get rid of my habit reason why I said I was okay without rhino. So after contacting them surgeons I was ready for an implant even though it didn’t feel right to me . I learned about another way it was the genioplasty . I searched genioplasty on YouTube found your video it was the first video video in that search list I watched it 20 seconds and I got scared and turned it off and never wanted to see it again it seemed so brutal to me at first after few days I went back to your video read stuff about genio how i twas eat better than implant and everything i had already planned for the implants but I don’t know why I emailed you didn’t even expect a reply your reply was fast . You said you could fix my chin make me look how I wanted I read stuff about you you had done thousands of surgeries I felt comfertable I just felt like I could trust you you will do whats best for me I planned to visit you a month later i visited you you did the surgery and everything when u said 5mm was what I needed I got worried but I felt like I needed more than that but I trusted you reason why I said I have no question when you asked me if I had any questions before you leave.. I didn’t know how swollen I was until I got home I felt a lil bad for being seen like that at airports but it didn’t matter I got home I didn’t care how I looked just wanted the swelling to go down and everything to heal asap 4 weeks later swelling was gone I looked myself in the mirror the first thing that I thought of were… This is exactly how I looked before.back when I used to be told I look one of the best. everything returned back to me the feelings my attitude my mentality my personality and the way I used to talk everything … i feel like I kept questing kept wondering what went wrong why did it happen.. just to get to a point where I would meet you so you could fix it and make me look exactly how I should and for that I love you. Thank you so much “