Most hemangiomas are on the face and neck. They usually remain stable as a child grows older. However, some areas may need treatment because of their location. For example, a raised hemangioma near a child’s eye or lips may interfere with function. They are permanent and do not regress with age. They require surgical removal.


A hemangioma is a buildup of blood vessels in the skin or internal organs that is not normal. About one in three hemangiomas are present at birth. The rest appear in the first several months of life.

The hemangioma may be:

  • In the top skin layers (capillary hemangioma)
  •  Deeper in the skin (cavernous hemangioma)
  • A mixture of both

They appear as:

  • A red to reddish-purple, raised sore (lesion) on the skin
  • A massive, raised tumor with blood vessels

Hemifacial atrophy:

A birth defect/ congenital deformity where the patient’s face is asymmetrical due to the improper growth pattern of the muscles and bones on one side of the face. This can be easily corrected surgically by muscle and bone transposition.

Read More about Hemifacial atrophy from NCBI

Hemifacial-atrophy: before after image
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