Cleft Orthodontics

Treatment in India for the Patients suffering from cleft deformities and Cleft Orthodontic have multiple problems associated with their teeth. The have defect in the tooth-bearing portion of the jaw known as the alveolar ridge

Cause: Due to the presence of the cleft on the alveolus, teeth cannot erupt properly, thus the teeth either erupt in wrong positions or do not erupt at all. Many cleft patients have malposed or crowded teeth.

Cleft Orthodontics
Before and after treatment

Problems faced by the Cleft Orthodontics patient

The patients have the problem in chewing food, they cannot maintain oral hygiene due to the crowded teeth, thus exposing them to many other oral problems. They also have problems with speech as the tongue interferes with the teeth & dentoalveolar sounds cannot be produced properly

Why choose Richardsons Hospital for Cleft Orthodontic Treatment in India?

Here at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital, we have a team of highly experienced orthodontists who have a number of cleft cases to their credit. The more challenging part of the treatment is to align the teeth in the discontinuous alveolar ridge, hence restoring the normal function. This requires skill as well as an experience of such cases.

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