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My name is Dr. Sunil Richardson and I am raising funds for Ravikumar. The family has done all it can to collect the total amount required for the treatment of face surgery Rs.1500000 more is required to pay for all the medical expenses.

As the amount required is huge, I request you to kindly contribute towards the treatment and help during this time of need. Each contribution is important!

One glance at this 40 year old man with a mask and turbaned forehead and he seems like one of us. Behind this well constructed veil, lies the tale of deplorable misfortune. It started with a painless skin growth over the face, particularly the lips and around the eyes in early 2017. The papule like growth begun its spread over the face prompting him to report to us in 2017. Excisional biopsy of the lip lesion was performed and directed for further follow ups. Unfortunately, he could not comply to the latter.

ravikumar before and after

It is 2021 and the aftermath is noxious. The brown, cobblestoned, pedunculated skin growth mainfolded from the supra orbital ridges to the chin. The weight of the growth disturbs his sight prompting him with quick fixes to keep it at bay. Incidentally, functionality in term of his vision, breathing and mastication haven’t been hindered. A driver by profession, he dedicated his mere resources in lieu of a respite. From Mumbai to Chennai, from repeated skin biopsies to bone marrow aspirate; the inconclusive reports, mammoth bills and whirlwind of events paved his way back to our hospital.

What jolted the man is more than what meets the eye. The disfigurement of the face has come at the expense of his livelihood. He ceased to be a labourer or a driver. Relatives fail to recognize him. His is survived by his wife, his lone source of support. It has been a physical, emotional and social agony for no fault of his. A genuine case like his deserves our help, as individuals and as a society. The funds raised may lease a new face and fate.

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Thank you.

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