mohit smile designing

Smile Designing Mild Fluorosis | Mohit

Chief Complaint

  • Patchy discoloration.
  • Gaps between his teeth.
  • Dull unaesthetic smile.

mohit mild fluorosis

Intraoral Examination

  • Mild flourosis.
  • Brown and white flecks were noted.
  • Pitted enamel.
  • Midline and lateral diastema.
  • Squarish teeth.
  • The long axis of teeth is palatally inclined.

mohit intraoral examination

Pre – OP (Flash)

pre op flash

Pre -OP (Natural Light)
pre op natural light

natural light pre op

Intraoral Examination

intraoral examination mohit

Treatment Plan

  • Advised nil intervention patient was insistent.
  • Advised veneers are not willing.
  • Wanted full coverage crowns for upper and lower teeth.
  • Wish we had done veneers overjet was very minimal not an ideal case.
  • Endo 14-24, 34-44.
  • Crowns: 14, 24, individual crowns in lower anterior.
  • Bridge: 13-23.


endodontics mohit

mohit endodontics


  • File fracture in the buccal root of 14 (2mm short).
  • To keep under observation.

mohit rushed endo

  • Rushed endo lowers had 2 canals.
  • Difficult mouth opening short of apex.

Crown Preps

mohit crown preps

crown preps mohit

Post OP

post op mohit

  • Good marginal adaptation.
  • Tight proximal contacts.
  • Bridge IRT 13-23.
  • Individual crowns IRT 14, 24.

mohit post op

  • Good marginal adaptation.
  • Tight proximal contacts.
  • Individual crowns in relation to teeth 34 and 44.

mohit smile design

Excellent Aesthetics (Dentcare)

mohit excellent aesthetics

Before After Comparison

Pre – OP Vs Post – OP Comparison

mohit comparison


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