Smile Re-Designing, Prosthetic Bridge Change

Smile Re-Designing Prosthetic Bridge Change

Chief Complaint

  • The patient is concerned about protruding upper teeth and wants dental correction for the same.
  • Getting married in 10 days.

dental bridge change


The patient underwent extractions followed by a metal ceramic bridge 2 years ago for:

  • Space closure
  • To reduce anterior proclination

The patient wants further improvement of:

  • Proclination
  • Aesthetics

Extra Oral Examination

  • Skeletal Class II
  • Profile Convex
extra oral examination extra oral examinations


protrusive anterior bridge protrusive anterior bridges


  • Bulky anterior bridge
  • Increased proclination
  • Opaque
  • Shade discrepancy
  • Discolored canines


intraoral examinations poor emergence profile

Out of Arch Alignment

arch alignment arch alignments


Treatment Plan

Option 1

Surgical correction (BIMAX) followed by prosthetic rehabilitation

Option 2

Dental correction only

The patient was informed about the need for surgery for complete correction of skeletal defect

The patient preferred dental rehabilitation-only due to time constraints (wedding in 10 days)

The patient was informed about the possibility of:

  • Improvement in aesthetics.
  • Minimal improvement in proclination Written consent obtained.
    1. Bridge Removal
    2. Recontour Crown Preps in Laterals (Reduce Proclination)
    3. Involve Canines to Improve Aesthetics
        • Arch-form Continuity
        • Improved Retention
        • Discoloration of Canines

bridge removal

tissue injury

proclined laterals

endodontics bridge

dental crown preparation

laterals adjusted

arch form

dental oral scan

dental cad images

Final Bridge Cementation



dentcare tissue

Reduced bulkiness

contoured restoration

canine issue

proclination reduced

  • Bulkiness reduced
  • Proclination reduced
  • Teeth brought into arch-alignment
  • Reduced proclination excellent contouring (Dentcare)

hypertonic closure


social smile

Duchenne’s Smile

duchennes smile

  • Well contoured prosthesis
  • Excellent emergence profile

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