Nasal Bridge Surgery

4 Things You Must Know About Nasal Fracture Surgery in India

Nasal fracture indicates cracks or breaks in the cartilage or nasal bone. Contact sports generally cause these fractures, hard falls, accidents, or fights. Signs of nasal fracture include swelling and tenderness on the nose and the surrounding areas, bleeding from the nose, breathing difficulty, and misshaped or crooked nose. Diagnosis is made through x-ray and CT scans. The surgeon suggests treatment options depending on the complexity of the fracture.

Line of Treatment for Nasal Fractures:

Nasal fracture treatment in India depends on the damage to the nose. If you suspect a nasal fracture, apply an ice pack on the swollen area as first aid, and keep the patient’s head raised. The next step is administering pain medications to relieve discomfort and antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection.

The doctor uses specialised instruments to realign the broken cartilage and bones and follows it by dressing up the nose. Any excess bleeding is arrested with gauze, and clots are drained through a cut. Pain relief medications allow the nose to heal and ensure the patient is comfortable after the procedure. The surgeon may examine the nasal bones after the swelling subsides and, if required, conduct plastic surgery to help reshape the nose.


Nasal Bridge Surgery

Nasal Fracture Repair:

A physician monitors patients swelling and other symptoms. If the fracture seems minor, the physician allows the swelling to reduce for a few days before attempting to restore the nose’s shape to normal through nonsurgical means. In case of multiple breaks, manual realignment does not work and hence will require a nasal fracture surgery to realign the bones. Patients who experience difficulty breathing because of a damaged nasal septum may need reconstructive surgery. Visit us at the Richardsons Hospital if you are planning for nasal fracture repair in India.

Nasal Fracture Surgery Cost:

Nasal fracture surgery cost in India is comparatively less than in other countries. The price depends on factors like the extent of damage caused to the nasal bones and cartilage, the patient’s age and health conditions, facilities and services available at the hospital, and the surgeon’s expertise.

Nasal Fracture Surgery Recovery Time:

Most people recover completely from a nasal fracture surgery in 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on its complexity. The doctor will schedule a follow-up up to 3 to 4 months post-surgery to check if the nose is healing well. Patients must follow post-operative instructions to avoid the risk of potential complications during their nasal fracture surgery recovery time.

To know more about the procedure, effects, recovery time, and cost of nasal fracture surgery in India, visit Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital.



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