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5 Things to Know About Cheekbone Fracture Surgery in India

Cheekbones form an integral part of the eye socket, protecting and supporting the eyeball and connecting to the upper jaw and the side of the nose. Cheekbone fractures, also known as complex zygomatic fractures, can lead to facial deformity, altered vision, and restricted movement in the mouth. Read on to understand the importance of cheekbone fracture surgery in India.

Causes of Fracture:

Cheekbone fractures are primarily a result of trauma to the face. Sudden falls, assaults, car accidents, sports injuries, etc., can lead to minor or major fractures. Though minor fractures heal with minimal medication, some complex fractures could cause irreversible or life-threatening damage.

Cheekbone Facial trauma

Treatment for Cheekbone Fractures:

Cheekbone fracture treatment in India varies depending on the severity of the fracture. For a mild fracture, pain medication, cold compresses, antibiotics, and rest should be enough. If the cheekbones display increased swelling and bruising, an x-ray or CT scan is generally recommended. You will require cheekbone surgery to correct any damage to bones or their surrounding tissues in case of major fractures.

Cheekbone Fracture Repair:

Cheekbone fractures are treated through a closed reduction where the broken bones are reset without surgery or through an open reduction where surgery is required to reposition bones. A complex cheekbone fracture will require reconstructive surgery.

Cheekbone fracture repair in India is way more affordable and efficient than in most parts of the world.

Surgery Recovery Time:

You must be careful after a cheekbone surgery as any significant physical movement can re-injure the face. Avoid blowing the nose if the bones are held together with plates and screws. Though swelling will gradually reduce by the third week, you will usually be asked to wait 6-8 weeks before performing everyday activities. The physician will ask you to come for a follow-up appointment to remove any stitches and to review any healing or issues you may have. Please remember to keep stitches or dressings as dry as possible to reduce fractured cheekbone surgery recovery time.

Surgery Cost:

The surgery cost for repairing a cheekbone fracture depends entirely on the complexity of surgery required. During facial trauma, cheekbones get broken sometimes, or soft tissues get injured. Accordingly, a cheekbone fracture surgery cost in India can range from INR 20,000 to INR 3,00,000.

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