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Road traffic accidents are more prevalent these days. It looks miserable to see ourselves in the mirror as a different person after surviving these accidents. Effects of the major vehicle hit accidents can range from minor tooth loss and in severe cases it might be fatal but you can get your old face back at Richardsons Hospital by facial correction surgery.

Frontal (forehead) bones, orbital (eye socket) bones, Nasal (nose) bones, zygomatic (cheek) bones, a maxilla (upper jaw)and mandible(lower jaw) are the facial bones. Among these, fracture of nasal bones is most common.

Muscles of the face are attached to these bones. Fracture of bones intern affects the function of muscles attached to them.

Our Aim at Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital is to recreate maximum aesthetics and rehabilitate the normal function.

Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital provide all forms of facial corrective procedures.

Facial corrections after trauma include

  • Fractured facial bones.
  • Jaw asymmetry resulted from fracture.
  • Lacerations.
  • Post-traumatic scar revision.
  • Dental rehabilitations.

Fractured facial bones:

Fractured segments of bone are reduced, are approximated to the maximum fit and are fixed using titanium plates and screws. Fixation is performed under general anesthesia.


Cut open wounds or lacerations are sutured with care to avoid scarring postoperatively. In case of loss of soft tissue, the flap is elevated and is sutured.

facial laceration

Post-traumatic scar revision:

The scar is hypertrophied tissue formed as a result of wound healing. Scar tissue is surgically removed. It can be done under local anesthesia.

Internal maxillary fixation:

IMF is done to stabilize fractured segments in place with the help of occlusion. Arch bars are fixed intraorally.

Dental rehabilitation:

A tooth that faced trauma needs special care. If the damage is severe and no possible way to restore, it can be extracted followed by replacement with a bridge or implant. Replacement is important for the rehabilitation of facial profile by facial correction surgery, speech, and phonetics, to chew, smile, etc. If the tooth can be restored, it has to undergo Root canal treatment to avoid complications and infections on later dates.

Dr. Sunil Richardson, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon with his team provides quality and successful treatments in relation to post traumatic management and cranio facial surgeries.

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