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All That You Must Know About Lip Lift Surgeries

A lip lift is the easiest and the most natural way to make you look youthful and improve aesthetic harmony. The procedure involves reducing the distance between the nose and the mouth to make your lips appear fuller and younger. Over the years, they’ve become very popular in India partly because of advances in medical sciences and partly due to people consciously avoiding lip fillers. Also, unlike fillers, lip lifts are permanent and look natural. But there are different lip lift techniques; only an experienced surgeon can suggest a procedure that’s right for you. Read on to learn more about direct lip lift surgery and other lip lift procedures:

1. Direct Lip Lift Surgery:

A direct lip lift procedure is also called gullwing lip lift. It enhances the patient’s lip colour by lifting the tissues and skin directly above the lips to create a more defined lip border. Incisions are made at the border that separates the lip from the skin (aka cupid’s bow) to help push the top of the mouth outward, thereby improving your overall appearance. This is a complicated procedure and must be performed only by an experienced direct lip lift surgeon in India.

2. Subnasal Bullhorn Surgery:

Subnasal lip lift procedure involves removing excess skin under the nostrils, i.e., the part that appears in the shape of a bull’s horn, giving the procedure its name. The surgeon then makes a small incision to lift the skin upward and cause the vermillion (the red part of the lip) to roll outward and give the appearance of a pout.Nibin Lip Reduction Surgery

3. Corner Lip Lift Surgery:

As we age, the corners of the lip curve downward. This can be corrected by making two small incisions at the corners of the mouth to remove a small portion of the skin, thereby lifting the lip corners slightly and giving the patient a pleasant and happy appearance.

Benefits of a Lip Lift Surgery:

Lip lift surgeries are a perfect option for people who’re worried about their thinning lips. Unlike temporary solutions like fillers, lip lifts permanently and instantly, giving you fuller lips. Some procedures, like direct lip lift surgeries, help people achieve a prominent lip line, thereby giving them a prominent border around the upper lip.

Lip lifts are a great way to improve your smile and show off your perfect set of teeth. It helps reduce smoker’s lines and even brightens your expression.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lip Lift Surgeries?

Patients who do not have a prominent upper lip because of the distance between the upper lip and nose are perfect candidates for lip lift surgeries. Some patients lack tooth visibility, while others complain of thinning and shapeless lips because of age. Sometimes, patients who have undergone rhinoplasty find their upper lip too long or unbalanced. Similarly, some people have naturally inverted or flat lips giving the expression of being angry or sad.

Where to Get THE Lip Lift Procedure Done?

There are several surgeons in India specialising in lip lift procedures. You need to find a specialist who performs the procedures you are looking for. For instance, Dr. Sunil Richardson is a renowned direct lip lift surgeon in India, specialising in direct lip lifts and other procedures. Visit us or call us for an initial consultation and to know if you’re the right candidate for a lip lift surgery. To know more about the procedure, effects, recovery time, and direct lip lift surgery in India visit Richardson’s Dental and Craniofacial Hospital.

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