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All That You Wanted to Know About Broad Nose Correction Surgery

We all have our ideas of a perfect nose- it is relatively small, straight, and in perfect symmetry. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a Roman nose – some of us are born with an oversized schnozzle. While you cannot control the genes responsible for the oversized nose, you can undoubtedly alter its shape and sculpt one that is well-proportioned. If youve inherited a bulbous nose and planning to opt for rhinoplasty for broad nose, read on: 

Can Rhinoplasty Cure A Bad Nose? 

A surgery to fix a wide nose is more common than you think and is usually undertaken in people with broad nasal bones and cartilage that resembles a pyramid! Some of the common rhinoplasty surgeries are done to reduce the nose’s overall size, narrow the nose, straighten bumps if any, shorten the nasal tip, bulbous nose surgery, and fix the symmetry, and even opening up nasal passages to allow free breathing.  

Adult Nose Correction Surgery

There are two common types of wide nose surgery, viz., medial and lateral osteotomies. While medial osteotomy refers to creating fractures in the middle of the nose, the latter refers to breaking up the outer section of the nasal septum bone. Usually, most open wide nose rhinoplasties involve both types of procedures to create a well-proportioned, thinner nose.  

Nose surgery is also approached in terms of the incisions made. For instance, an open rhinoplasty involves making an incision between the nostril under the nasal tip. It is ideal for noses that need only minor restructuring. After the procedure, little or no scar is left behind.  

On the other hand, an open rhinoplasty involves making an incision between the nostril. It is preferred for noses that need major restructuring, offering comparatively better access.  

Those with a bulbous surgery undergo tiplasty – a procedure that focuses only on reshaping the nasal tip because of its odd shape. The excess cartilage is removed and sutured to create a sharper and more refined tip through this procedure 

What To Know Before Undergoing Broad Nose Correction Treatment?  

Broad nose correction treatment in India is not uncommon. But you must choose a surgeon with care, ensuring that he has the necessary experience and expertise to undergo such a complicated procedure. Go through the surgeons website to find before and after pictures. If you like what you see, the surgeon is worth the money! 

Recovering from A Broad Nose Correction Surgery 

While osteotomy is not a very invasive procedure, you will need to take care and follow recommended postoperative advice. This includes taking prescribed medication, restrict outdoor activities, and undertake exercises. But most importantly, give it some time. It could take a few weeks until the nose looks like you intended. But it could take up to a year for the re-sculpted nose to appear normal and the broad nose correction surgery to be called a complete success!  

Nose Cosmetic Surgery Side View

Are There Non-Surgical Options? 

Non-surgical options include dermal fillers that can reshape the tips of your nose and improve overall symmetry. The results are immediately visible, but they dont last long.   

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