Anterior Maxillary Distraction treatment in India

Anterior Maxillary Distraction

A handsome young male patient in his late twenties approached Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Nagercoil for anterior maxillary distraction surgery. He had a history of congenital cleft lip and palate, and underwent multiple corrective surgeries since childhood. The patient was unhappy with his previous surgeries and had lost all his back teeth in the lower jaw. The previous surgeon advised extracting these teeth to set the lower jaw back.

After a rigorous search through social media as a last hope, he approached Dr. Sunil Richardson. On proper examination, we diagnosed cleft maxillary hypoplasia.  Dr. Sunil Richardson suggested anterior maxillary distraction  to bring forward the upper jaw and enhance the patient’s facial profile. We made pre-operative preparations like oral prophylaxis and blood investigations. We also took an impression of upper jaw to fabricate an anterior maxillary distractor. On the day of surgery, we introduced the appliance into his mouth.
We performed the surgery under general anesthesia. The procedure took around 2 hours and went well. The patient recovered quickly; we activated the anterior maxillary distractor from day 5 and used  it twice a day with 4 turns per activation. With each day, the patient observed difference within him.
On the final day of discharge we did a radiographic examination to check the success of the surgery. Dr. Sunil was happy with the upper jaw movement that could be achieved. We informed the patient that the appliance would remain passive in his oral cavity for another month allowing the bone to form in the space created from the surgery.
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Anterior Maxillary Distraction Surgery in Nagercoil

Anterior Maxillary Distraction Surgery in India

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