Chin Surgery in India

Chin Surgery

A young female patient reported to us complaining about her looks which were not perfect according to her. On clinical examination by a team of doctors headed by Dr.Sunil Richardson, it was assessed that her lower part of face was not as per the golden rules of the face. Further, a CBCT scan was done to aid in the diagnosis and treatment planning. Her lower part of the face was short and chin was retruded. The patient was told about the surgical plan i.e genioplasty/ chin surgery. The patient was explained how it will make a difference in her face. We, as a rule, explain all cosmetic procedures to the patient thoroughly because these are linked with the psychology of the patient.


Chin surgery in Nagercoil
Chin surgery or genioplasty done for a patient at Ricchardson dental and craniofacial Hospital

The operation was done in general anaesthesia and a complete operation was done intraorally. The chin was advanced and moved down according to the clinical and radiographic assessment done pre-operatively. The fixation of the chin was done in the corrected position using small plates and the incision was sutured. The patient was comfortable in the postoperative phase and is in regular follow up. The parents of the patient and patient herself are very happy with the results.

Genioplasty is a risk-free, short procedure which makes a big improvement to the overall appearance of the face.


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