cleft lip palate state of the art treatment

Cleft lip and Cleft palate: State-of-the-art treatment

What is the objective of a cleft lip and palate treatment?

Our objective here at Richardsons Dental craniofacial hospital is to transform the look and life of each and every individual who come to us with a cleft lip, cleft alveolus, cleft palate or any other craniofacial anomaly. People with such deformities are often treated as objects of pity and fear, by this society. We aim at eradicating this difference in the society and give them excellent speech, great look, and better self-esteem. Our experienced craniofacial team headed by Dr. Sunil Richardson are helping thousands of such patients here in South India for the last decade and a half.

cleft lip and palate Before and After surgery

Your search for the best cleft treatment ends here. Why?

This is because we have an experienced team of a cleft and craniofacial surgeon, orthodontist, pediatrician, and experienced nurses. In addition, we have ent surgeon, dental surgeon, prosthodontist, pediatric anesthesiologist, and speech and language pathologist. We’ve got all facilities under one roof including cone beam CT scan, state of the art operation suites, saws, and drills for orthognathic or bony procedures, laser, etc.

This team has proven time and again consistently over many years and are at this job regularly and continuously.

This short video is of an 18 years old guy, who had been undergoing various treatments at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital for the past 11 years.



He had already undergone cleft lip and palate treatment in another hospital. He came to us with a lot of issues at age 8, and the following were the treatments he has taken at RDCH:

  • Lip revision
  • Palatal fistula closure
  • Secondary alveolar bone grafting
  • Speech therapy
  • Orthodontics

Finally, he also underwent rhinoplasty a few months ago. Now, he is pursuing his higher studies in engineering and excels there. Everyone around him can relate to him with no one ever asking him about his lip, nose, teeth or speech. This is our goal and is the norm here at Richardsons Craniofacial Hospital.


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