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Cleft Lip Kid:From Being Conscious To A Confident School Going Kid

The aim at Richardsons Dental  And Craniofacial Hospital is to make each and every individual with cleft lip, cleft alveolus, cleft palate or any other craniofacial anomaly to be made like any individual without these deformities. So that they get incorporated into society without any apprehension or difficulty like the ones who do not have these defects by cleft lip surgery and other. This can be possible if their aesthetics, speech, function, and self-esteem are improved. Our experienced craniofacial team headed by Dr.Sunil Richardson with his vast experience are just doing that the same for thousands of patients here in South India for the last decade and a half.

How Do We Help? 

This 6 yr old boy was born with a cleft lip and palate deformity. He was operated for cleft lip repair at the age of 3 months. The palate repair was done at the age of 9 months. Speech counseling was followed up diligently. The surgeries left no wide scars or any sort of surgical mark. The mother is so happy when she says the boy’s aesthetics. His speech and functions are good enough that he goes to school. He mingles with his schoolmates and performs equally well at all social activities. We have planned for further surgeries stage wise for him. Thus he would turn to an independent confident adult.


What Does Cleft Anomaly Success Depend On?

The success of the treatment of cleft anomalies is multifactorial. It depends on the infant’s general health, the timing of the cleft lip surgery, the surgical technique used and the post-operative care given As the child grows, teeth alignment, bone grafting, speech therapy, etc. Only if the patient and the surgeon are driven enough with the surgeon’s expertise. Can this be achieved? At the RICHARDSONS dental and Craniofacial hospital, a holistic multidisciplinary approach is followed for every child. We provide them with all-round treatment to make them all rounder’s in life!!  


Baby with cleft lip surgery in nagercoil

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