Cleft lip surgery for baby in India

Parents of a 7-months-old cleft lip baby traveled all the way from the heart of  Hyderabad city to various places.   They came with all hopes that their baby would look normal and determination that they would go to any extent for the wellness of their baby. When they reached many doctors,  they were in a disappointed state as many well-known hospitals denied the cleft surgery of their young one.

Cleft lip surgery for baby

Cleft lip surgery for a 7 months old baby

They approached doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital but they were not at all convinced by the treatment plan as the doctors told the poor parents that their child will have to live with this deformity throughout his life, he won’t have a proper speech, he will face difficulty in breathing eating etc. days and months passed by but no treatment or surgery was conducted. The parents were literally devastated as their only baby boy will have to face society with such a deformity. And they were actually facing difficulty in feeding. Fortunately, they came across a video of  Dr. Sunil Richardson’s Cleft Lip surgery at RDCH.and they checked into our website. they contacted Dr.Sunil Richardson and he assured them for proper treatment and recovery, and here is the baby before and after cheiloplasty procedure.

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