Cleft lip surgery hospital in India

Cleft lip surgery hospital in India

Cleft lip surgery

1-2-3 tingggg, Remember this epic scene from Kal ho na ho where Aman is teaching Naina how to smile?. He tells her that it is very important to live your life happily and to do that it’s important to keep smiling all the time. He teaches her the three-part process of smiling. The scene stresses the importance of a smile. Let us know the importance of child cleft palate surgery in human smile.

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair
A cleft child- before and after surgery at Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital India

A smiling face is like a gateway to confidence. A smiling person is welcome almost everywhere. But now imagine not being able to smile or laugh properly or at all, not because you don’t want to but because you cannot! This is the story of hundreds of children born with a deformity known as Cleft Lip. These children are born with a defect in their lip causing the lip to split.

The child cleft palate surgery procedure

Little Ranjit was brought in by his parents to our center a few years back, with the complaint of a defect in his lip. His parents wanted to get the defect repaired and his making him as normal as possible. They met Dr. Sunil Richardson and the problem was discussed and a treatment plan was agreed upon. After the patient was cleared for surgery from the pediatrician and anesthesiologists, we posted him for surgery for a Lip repair procedure.  The surgery took 1 hour after which the patient remained in our care for another 3 days. The recovery was uneventful and the patient was discharged from our care. He remained in our care for several years and has turned into a very cheerful and happy boy.

What is the age to undertake child cleft palate surgery?

Cleft lip surgeries must be undertaken in the first year of life itself. It is of great value to realize the importance of early treatment and care for such patients, thus making them a normal part of the society that we live in. We at Richardson hospital perform multiple numbers of such surgeries every year and have got good results as well. We wish that our patients are as capable of performing the three-part process of smiling just as Shah Rukh Khan was able to. All we can say is 1-2-3 tinngggg.

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