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Precise and perfect cleft palate repair leads to clear and normal speech

Richardsons Protocol for Cleft Palate Repair

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Cleft palate surgery: 1 Before surgery | 2. During surgery | 3. After Surgery

Cleft palate surgery (Age: 10 months)
Types of surgeries: varies based on the severity and the type of the defect, but the concept behind the entire surgical repair is Muscle Dissection and reconstruction.

Experience at Richardsons dental And Craniofacial Hospital :

Dr. Sunil Richardson has performed over 2000 primary cleft palate surgery alone. All of these are documented and in fact a lot of them published in leading scientific journals as well. With the cast experience under his belt and with the help of the expert team, consistent results after cleft palate repair is the norm here.

In this patient with incomplete bilateral but wide cleft palate, Dr. Richardson and his team performed a von langenbeck type palatoplasty with radical muscle repair. The muscles were repositioned posteriorly and inferiorly.. that is behind and below. This helps in the ideal reconstruction of the palate and this ensuing good normal speech development for these kids.

Is the timing ideal??

Absolutely. It’s best repaired before the baby starts to babble and therefore around 10 months is ideal.

Is the type of surgery important?

Absolutely. There’s a lot of variation with cleft palates. It’s best if the surgeon identifies the type and the specific issues and corrects them with the varied techniques he has in his armamentarium. One type doesn’t fit all!!

Does the surgeon make the difference?
Absolutely. Surgeons experience and most importantly his finesse and dedication are key points as well. Anyone with the correct technique at the right time cannot produce excellent results all the time!!


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