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Cleft palate treatment at the Richardsons

Cleft palate is a common congenital anomaly occurring in infants. It happens because there is an aberration in the embryological palate development.  The palate has a very important role in speech, separating the oral cavity from the nasal cavity. Swallowing and even growth of the upper jaw in every individual. So the right age is very important for the cleft palate treatment. Using the right surgical techniques so that the results are for life. Improperly done cleft palate treatment leaves a fistula or an opening which is difficult to close age progresses.  In the cleft palate surgery, we can reorient the muscles. We can obtain the original anatomy feasible for swallowing and speech.

A 9 month old baby was brought to the Richardson Hospital. The parents had come as advised by the surgeon at the age of 9 months. A pediatrician consulted a palatoplasty surgery for the baby.

Under the supervision of a pediatric anesthetist, the surgeon performed the surgery. The sutures used were resorbable.  After 4 hours, they can initiate post-surgery feeding. The staff provide all the required instructions to the parents.

At Richardson’s, we consider pre-surgery and post-surgery care important. Cleft palate surgery is technique sensitive and needs to be done precisely to get life long benefit. Here we do thousands of documented surgeries at Richardsons with excellent results. Thanks to the efficient cleft and craniofacial team.  We strive to make every cleft individual as a noncleft individual.


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