Cosmetic and functional nose corrective surgery in India

Cosmetic and functional nose corrective surgery

The concern for the shape of the nose is not only for cosmetic purposes but also for correction of functional problems. Apart from creating a beautiful face, a perfect anatomical structure of the nose resolves the functional problems like breathing difficulties. Patients with problems like deviated nasal septum often have breathing difficulties. The  cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure is a surgical as well as a functional procedure for these patients. Before surgery, the patients are encouraged to go through magazines or the Internet for pictures of what an ideal nose would look like. The various corrections that can be done through a rhinoplasty are Altering or reshaping the nasal bridge (removing the bump), Reducing the overall width of the nose, enlarging or reducing overall shape of the nose, nasal tip reshaping, Reduction of the nostril size, Correcting the angle between the nose and the lip.

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery Before and After

In some patients, these changes have to be made along with correction of the deviation of the nasal septum. A similar patient has come to our hospital (Richardson’s dental & craniofacial hospital). Her complaint was mainly about cosmetic issues, but she also had breathing difficulties. She was treated by an open structure cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure. This surgery relieved her of both the functional and cosmetic problems. These type of patients need to have an understanding of the surgical procedure he/ she is undergoing and should discuss with the operating surgeon about their expectations from surgery. A skilful & experienced surgeon can clarify their doubts and give the patients an image of the outlook they can achieve after the surgery. Also, any unrealistic expectations from the patient’s side can be cut down after discussion with the surgeon. All types of corrective nose surgeries are being done at Richardson’s dental & craniofacial hospital by Dr. Sunil Richardson and his team.


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