Cosmetic Nasal Surgery in India

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

Cosmetic nasal surgery also known as cosmetic rhinoplasty is performed to enhance the facial aesthetics and shape of your nose in order to increase the self-confidence and appearance. It also improves any associated abnormalities or breathing issues. The main aim of the procedure is the correction of the overall shape and size of the nose including tip, bridge, and nostrils.

Cosmetic nasal surgery are of two types:

  1. Closed technique
  2. Open technique

In the closed technique, the incisions are placed inside the nose. Hence it is a complete scar-free procedure. It is done for minor reshaping and correction of the nose.

In the open technique, the incision is placed on the narrow pathway of tissue dividing the nostrils and the remaining incisions similar to closed technique and since sutures used are dissolvable ones there will be no to very minimal scars on the surgical site. The reduction and enlargement of the nose is performed using grafts which is either harvested from a piece of nasal cartilage itself or very rarely from the rib cartilage. After reshaping, once the desired shape is achieved the tissues are closed using sutures and a medicated nasal pack is placed inside the nose and a nasal splint is placed in order to stabilize the reshaped nose and also to prevent it from any external disturbances.


  • Any birth related nasal defects.
  • Defective nose caused due to trauma.
  • Improvement of facial aesthetics.
  • Correction of size of the nose.
  • Correction of nasal deviations.

Patients are selected on certain criteria such as he/she should be physically healthy i.e., free from any kind of bleeding disorders, aspirin therapy, cardiac disorders, epilepsy, uncontrolled diabetes, etc. And also the patient should have achieved complete facial growth and should be 18 or above yrs of age.

Things to do before surgery:

  • Proper blood investigations.
  • Pre-surgical photographs.
  • Investigations for HIV,HCV,HbSAg.
  • CBCT.
  • To stop Smoking and alcohol consumption well in advance.

Why choose us for cosmetic nasal surgery:

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery Before and AfterCosmetic Nasal Surgery treatmentWhile choosing a cosmetic surgeon you should always keep in mind whether the surgeon is qualified and certified. No. Of surgeries he has performed successfully. And of course a well qualified team. Dr. Sunil Richardson has performed umpteen no. Of successful rhinoplasties across the world and he runs a craniofacial centre in the southern part of the country where he has a well trained team of staffs.


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