Dental Rehabilitation Post Road Accidents

Dental Rehabilitation treatment in India

One another male patient in his late twenties after sustaining a road traffic accident visited Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital, Nagercoil with a number of dental complaints and fractured teeth. His upper front teeth were completely fractured giving us no option but to extract them and to give him dental implants in Nagercoil.

Dental implants are screws usually made of titanium which mimics the root of the tooth. A dental implant serves the function of root-like which holds the teeth firmly in place, preserves bone minimizing bone resorption, less or no damage to the adjacent healthy teeth when compared to other forms of dental rehabilitation.

At Richardsons dental and craniofacial Hospital, we have a team that specializes dental implants in Nagercoil the missing teeth and giving the smile back to patients. Our team involves Oral Surgeon specialized in implantology, Prosthodontist, Endodontist and cosmetic dentist who help us make sure that these people get the best possible kind of teeth, crown, and esthetics.

Now, this particular patient had both his extraction and implant placement on the same day. It was done as a day care procedure under local anesthesia. Two implants on the upper jaw to support four teeth and two implants on both right and left lower jaws to support two teeth were placed respectively.

So with implants, a single tooth to an entire set of teeth on upper or lower jaw can be replaced. In patients with no teeth or completely edentulous, a set of 10 to 12 teeth can be delivered on each jaw with the help of 4 to 6 implants.

Following implant placement, the surgical sites were sutured and allowed to heal for four weeks. Four weeks is sufficient for good osseointegration to take place. Meanwhile, his other fractured teeth were treated with root canal treatment to relieve him of his post-traumatic sensitivity. After four weeks, a CBCT was taken to ensure the success of the implant by measuring the bone formed around the implant.

We at Richardsons have much software, that enables us to look at the different sections of the jaws and we can also measure up the length, width, and height of the bone. We can actually find out the length and width of the implant which can be used based on the thickness of the bone and the quality of the bone even before the procedure.

Four weeks later abutments on the respective implants were placed. These abutments can be straight or angled. Angled abutments are used to make sure that the replaced tooth gets aligned within the dental arch. After a week’s final impression was made, an appropriate shade of choice was selected and sent to the dental lab. The final prosthesis was cemented on his dental implant, gleamed a brilliant smile…

Before Dental Implants Treatment in Nagercoil
Before Dental Rehabilitation Treatment
After Dental Rehabilitation Treatment in India
After Dental Rehabilitation Treatment

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