diastema closure treatment

Diastema Closure

Midline diastema refers to the space present between the central incisors. This condition makes it difficult for the patient to chew as the food particles may get stuck. The patient may have less confidence to smile because of the gap. Do not worry. The solution to your problem is the midline diastema closure treatment. This procedure is usually preferred by patients who wish not to have a fixed orthodontic treatment. Here at Richardsons Dental And Craniofacial Hospital our maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Sunil Richardson can help you. More about the Closure procedure is below:  

diastema closure


  • NORMAL DEVELOPING DENTITION: during the ugly duckling stage midline diastema is present which closes off its own after the eruption of canines.
  • HABITS: habits such as tongue-thrusting, thumb sucking can lead to midline diastema.
  • FRENAL ATTACHMENT: the fleshy mass of tissue connecting the lip and the gingiva is frenum. When this mass of tissue is even more thick can cause midline diastema. For such patients, we do frenectomy followed by fixed orthodontic treatment.
  • SIZE OF THE TOOTH: patients with smaller tooth size can also cause midline diastema.

diastema closure treatment Methods:

  • Removable  appliances such as “FINGER SPRINGS”
  • Fixed orthodontic appliances.
  • Fixed partial dentures in patients with microdontia.
  • MIDLINE CLOSURE using light cure composite resin materials
Diastema closure before after
Diastema closure before after

Recently we did a MIDLINE CLOSURE for one of our patients as she didn’t want to go for fixed orthodontic treatment


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