Distraction Osteogenesis Treatment in India

Distraction Osteogenesis Treatment in Nagercoil

What is distraction osteogenesis?

DISTRACTION OSTEOGENESIS is a method of generating new bone followed by a procedure of cutting and slowly separating bone and allowing the bone healing process to fill in the gap. There is a device used in this procedure for separating the bone, which is known as Distractor and on this distractor, there are some screws for adjusting or activating the device known as Pins. These devices are approved by the FDA, hypoallergenic and lightweight metal called Titanium.

What Are The Indications For Distraction osteogenesis..!!!

Distraction osteogenesis is a very useful and well-established technique for bone and soft tissue formation in moderate to severe bone deficiency cases. DO is commonly used in cases like Aperts Syndrome, Crouzon Syndrome, Clefts, Midfacial  Deficiencies and many more.

One such patient visited our hospital with the backwardly placed upper lip. She was in sweet sixteen disappointed by how her face looked. Our team in RCDH planned for an anterior maxillary distraction. Distractor was placed in order to pull the backwardly placed upper lip forward. The patient was under post-operative care for a couple of days. After she recovered she underwent few speech therapies and while leaving RDCH she was completely pleased with her new appearance

How do we take an appointment?

Coming over for a personal consultation with our dermatologist or the hair surgeon is the best option.

We are located physically near the southernmost tip of India, a town named Nagercoil near Kanyakumari. However, we have other options for patients from far and wide, who can’t travel for a direct physical consult. The pictures can be sent to our What’s App number +919443182860 Or emailed to drsunilrichardson@hotmail.com and appointment asked or advice sought.

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