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Ear Piercing Techniques: What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Ears Pierced

Undeniably, ear piercing techniques are one of the perfect ways to enhance your appearance without having to do with the permanency of regular tattoos. Do you feel anything is obstructing your desire to get your ear pierced?

Of course, the pain is something that could get your mind away from it. You might have listened to various stories from friends and families about their experiences during ear piercing.

If you do not know, ear-piercing is a popular procedure that can be carried out by both medical and non-medical professionals. Though, it cuts across other parts of the ear, such as the cartilage, piercing the ear lobe is the most common form of ear piercing in existence today. In this piece, we’ll be revealing a few of the things you need to know before getting your ear pierced. Relax while we get started:

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Before Getting Your Ear Pierced using Ear piercing techniques: What You Need to Know

When it comes to ear piercing and ear piercing techniques, there are several things you need to take into consideration. In fact, you should take note of these things before piercing your ears, nose, belly button, and other parts of your body.

Have You Had Keloids or Large Scars?

Does the occurrence of keloids or large scars exist in your family history? Usually, keloids are the typical large scars that extend over the area of trauma. If you’ve had traces of large scars in your family history, there is an increased chance of battling with large scars after your ear piercing session.

Are you Allergic to Metals?

Do you have allergies for metal materials? If yes, what kind of metal? Earrings are usually made from different kinds of materials. For instance, starter earrings are commonly manufactured from sterling silver, which is a non-irritating metal.

If you discover that you are allergic to certain metal materials, you should avoid such metals. If otherwise, you can simply develop some allergic reactions such as swelling, itching, redness, irritation, or pain even after the pierced part of your ear has healed up completely.

Where Exactly Should You Get Your Piercing on Your Ear?

Often times, the first part of the ear people pierce is the ear lobe. If you take a critical look at your ears, you could be lucky to find some degrees of asymmetry. With that, you’ll want your earrings to be on the same level. More so, you wouldn’t want to have the holes placed too low on the earlobe because this could result in splitting.

In addition, you can have the lobes placed perpendicularly either to the surface of the ear or at a fixed angle. In some cases, many people desire that the holes are placed at an angle. So, the earrings face the forward direction. Above all, it’s left to you to decide on the specific style of starter earring you desire.

Should You Pierce Your Ears at Home?

It’s simple and straightforward. On no account should you resort to piercing your hair at home. Although, you can shop for ear piercing tools such as sterile needles, starter earrings, and ear piercing kits.

Having a professional from Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital in India to handle your ear piercing needs with the right ear piercing techniques is the best decision you can make. Please schedule an appointment with our dermatologist today and get the best ear piercing session with the best ear piercing techniques.

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  • Hi are you able to do multiple piercings on a child’s ears. We want to get them done the whole way up if possible. Thanks. Andy

    • Yes possible.

  • Hey can you do helix, conch, tragus and rook piercings in one go?

  • Hey can you do helix, conch, rook and tragus piercing in one go?

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