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Essential Corrective Surgery for Lower Jaw Protrusion in India

Protruded lower jaw can cause severe discomfort even as it makes an individual look a little out of the ordinary and undermines self-confidence.  This condition of lower jaw protrusion is also referred to as mandibular prognathism and is commonly corrected by jaw surgery. Lower jaw protrusion treatment in India is carried out by a team of doctors consisting of a maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist to determine the best layout of teeth after repositioning the jaw. Being a major surgery that involves rearrangement of bones and teeth, post-operative care is as important as surgery to ensure that the patient makes an early recovery.

Jaw Reshaping for a Girl

Prognathism of the mandible or the lower jaw can be due to injury, hereditary disorder, birth defect, and even disease and is considered problematic if it affects the natural biting mechanism and speech. Lower jawbone protrusion in India can also be due to the Hapsburg jaw in which the lower jaw grows beyond the upper jaw leading to cross-bite and a disfigured look. Depending on the severity of the problem, doctors may advise surgery after the age of 18 years or even earlier.

There are several reasons for this issue:

  1. Acromegaly – When the body produces an unnatural amount of growth hormones then it causes tissues to enlarge. In some rare cases, it can lead to an extension of the lower jaw in an unnatural way.
  2. Acrodysostosis – This is a congenital condition which has a detrimental effect on natural bone growth. In most individuals affected by this disease, it leads to stunted growth of arms, legs, and sometimes even of the upper jaw. In these circumstances too the lower jaw looks larger than normal or extended.
  3. Gorlin syndrome can lead to issues like cleft palate, large head, and spinal issues, and extended lower jaw.


Treatment of prognathism – During the small lower jaw protrusion surgery in India the patient’s lower jaw is made longer with the help of plates and screws while a larger jaw is set in place to adjust the bite.  In all cases of prognathism, orthognathic surgery is advised in which the surgeon removes and repositions jawbone parts to form perfect alignment between top and low jaws.  This procedure is carried out several diagnostic tests consisting of X-rays and bite imprints to determine the condition and how it can be rectified. The procedure does not cause visible scarring on the face but rather brings in a more symmetrical appearance.

Jaw Correction Surgery

The recovery process after surgery for lower jawbone protrusion in India like anywhere around the world can take several months depending upon the patient’s age and complexity of the surgery. Usually, patients must stay for a minimum period of 3 – 4 days until they get used to the dietary changes and pain management. The lower jaw protrusion treatment in India is done in several large multi-specialty hospitals and clinics that have experienced surgeons and orthodontists. To find the right hospital and surgeon for lower jaw protrusion treatment in India,

prospective patients and family should carry out a detailed research about the surgeon’s background and experience.

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  • Acromegaly patient with Trans nasal trans sphenoidal surgery in 2017 and with IGF controlled on sandostatin. He has problem of underbite due to prognathism. Any suggestions on corrective surgery and how safe n successful these surgeries are for these patients.

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