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Everything You Need to Know About Nasal Septal Fracture Surgery

A hard fall, accident, or injury could injure the nose and lead to a nasal fracture. Such fractures need immediate attention to avoid further complications. A nasal fracture may cause the nasal septum, made up of cartilage and bones, to deviate and may require correction surgery. Ideally, a nasal septal fracture surgery, when performed within the first two weeks of the accident, helps to reposition nasal bones that have moved out of place.

What is the treatment procedure for a nasal septal fracture?

A nose fracture may displace the thin wall between your nostrils, narrowing the nasal passage. Damage to the nasal cartilage can cause blood to collect inside the nose, which may block the nose if not drained right away. Though medications help manage the condition, patients need surgery to correct the deviated septum. The first line of treatment for a suspected nasal fracture is to apply an ice pack on the swollen area while keeping the patient’s head raised. Next, the doctor administers pain medications for relief and antibiotics to prevent infection. As part of the nasal septal fracture treatment procedure, your doctor may suggest an X-ray and CT scan of the nose for further diagnosis.

Depending on reports and the fracture’s complexity, the surgeon may suggest septoplasty. Septoplasty surgery helps straighten the nasal septum, making the airway larger and breathing easier.

  1. Upon diagnosis of a fracture, you will be administered local or general anesthesia for a painless experience. The doctor then uses an endoscope for a clearer view of the nasal passage.
  2. With the help of a tiny incision made inside the nose, the surgeon lifts a thin membrane and repositions the bones and cartilage to restore airflow.
  3. The surgeon may remove excess bones and cartilage from the nasal cavity, drain the sinuses, and dress up the nose.
  4. Pain relief medications help heal the nose and provide comfort after the procedure.
  5. The nasal cavity is examined again after the swelling subsides. You may require hospitalization for 2- 3 days per the surgery’s intricacies.

How long is the recovery process of nasal septal fracture surgery?

Nasal septal fracture surgery may cause you to experience pain or tenderness in the initial weeks. Most people take 3-8 weeks for nasal septal fracture treatment recovery. You will need to strictly follow post-operative instructions and do a follow-up visit to the doctor after 3-4 months of surgery to check if the healing process is going well.Nasal Bridge Surgery

What is the cost of nasal septal fracture surgery in India?

Compared with other countries, nasal septal fracture surgery cost is low in India, ranging from Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 60,000. The actual price depends on multiple factors, like the extent of damage caused to the nasal bones, cartilage, and surrounding area. Other important factors that determine the cost are:

  • Patient’s age and health conditions
  • Medical facilities in the city
  • Services available at the hospital
  • The expertise of the nasal septal fracture surgeon in India

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