Orbital floor fracture surgery in Tamil Nadu

Blow to the eye! You may need Orbital floor correction!

The human eye is safely protected in the bony compartment called the orbit and sometimes when this is fractured, orbital floor correction is required. Facial trauma affects not just the upper and lower jaws but even other vital parts of the face such as the eyes. Most commonly the bone affected is the floor of the orbit, i.e floor of the eye which fractures as a result of the blunt force. As a result of this, the globe sinks in as the floor support is damaged leading to changes in the position of the eye. Sunken eyes, downward slants, etc are few of the features.

Reconstruction of the floor defect is important as leaving the eyeball in the same sunken position may worsen the appearance over time. Thus lifting up the lowered eyeball and repairing the orbital floor gives back function and esthetics of the patient.


A case of bad road accident left a 28yr old man with multiple fractures on his face. The orbital floor was damaged too and needed repair as the globe was sunken giving an unpleasant appearance. An ophthalmologist was consulted prior to the surgery to rule out vision deficit. Then the patient was taken for surgery under general anesthesia, wherein the sunken eyeball was carefully cleared and lifted from its lowered entrapped position. The fractured floor of the orbit was reconstructed using a biocompatible titanium mesh which would now support the eyeball and its attachments giving back its original position and function.


At the Richardsons’ even the most critical cases are treated with utmost accuracy, using biocompatible materials to replace and reconstruct maintaining vital functions. This is just a sample of the large volume of surgeries that are being done at Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital – Orbital Floor Correction.

Orbital floor fracture surgery in India

Orbital floor implant surgery in India

To know more about this technique and how the surgery was performed by Prof. Dr. Sunil Richardson, watch our youtube video here.


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