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Face Is The Index Of The Mind:

Is there a perfect face? The face with the perfect angles, contours, shape, and proportions….  The quest for beauty has enchanted mankind for ages. Facial correction surgery corrects irregularities of the jaw bones.

We Understand The Face Like No One Else:

The most pleasing faces always don’t have the best proportions if you notice. Some asymmetry is natural.  But there are many who unfortunately have some deformities either due to congenital causes or growth disturbances which result in a not so pleasant appearance. Sometimes even their functional routines like speaking, eating and even breathing are affected. These individuals tend to have low self-esteem in their social circles. Fortunately, these deformities of the face, jaws or teeth can be corrected and modified to give the patient their best version. Orthognathic surgeries are meant for correction of facial deformities, in the safest manner with promising life-changing results.

A Life Changing Story of facial correction surgery:

One such life which changed overnight was that of an 18 yr old girl, whose facial proportions weren’t under the standard range. Her issues were that her face looked narrowed, mouth looked protruded, the nose didn’t seem right. She could rarely smile comfortably. All this affected her quality of life and she wanted a change. Her consultation at the Richardsons hospital gave her new hope.

Her issues were noted, a thorough evaluation of her face, teeth, jaws were done clinically and radiologically to study the misproportions. She then underwent orthognathic surgery with rhinoplasty, wherein her upper and lower jaw along with her nose were corrected. In a couple of weeks after surgery, this changed her facial proportions, the appearance of her teeth, her jaws, chin, and nose in a tremendous way! And it is all permanent. She was happy to look at her new version, and carry on with her life with much confidence, self-esteem and not to forget her new smile!

If you are looking for a change, it’s at the Richardsons. Orthognathic surgeries, rhinoplasties, and other cosmetic surgeries are carried out on a regular basis at the Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial  Hospital. We make everyday a new day for someone, bringing out their best! So come to us and get your version 2.0.


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