Forehead Deformity Treatment in India

Facial Deformity Treatment: Deformity in the forehead treated without a scar

Facial Deformity Treatment:

A young man who had had a two-wheeler accident a few years ago came in for facial deformity treatment at RDCH. During the time of accident care, he had received conservative treatment as advised by the neurosurgeon at that hospital. As days passed by, the patient developed a depression in the frontal bone. With the hope of fixing this deformity, he visited Dr. Sunil Richardson at Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital.

What’s the diagnosis?

From CT scan images, we diagnosed a Depressed frontal bone and offered a cosmetic solution to the patient. However, he did not have any functional issues.

What was done at Richardson’s Craniofacial Hospital?

At RDCH, we planned a bicoronal incision or a coronal incisional approach. Under general anesthesia, the area of the forehead was approached and elevated of the soft tissues. Later on, we harvested Iliac crest bone from the hip of the patient, shaped that bone and inserted in the forehead defect along with a titanium mesh for correct contouring.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, the results are lifelong. The patient was under observation at the hospital for 5 days after surgery.  On the ninth day post-surgery, we reviewed the spot and removed the sutures in the patient’s head. We also advised complete rest for a week post discharge.

facial deformity surgery in india

Richardsons dental and craniofacial hospital is a state of the art hospital that specializes in all treatments in the head and neck region. The team includes a craniofacial surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon, dental implantologists, orthodontists, ent surgeon, pediatrician, speech pathologist, anesthesiologist, pediatric anesthesiologists, endodontist, hair transplant surgeons, dermatologist, and trained nurses and anaesthesia technicians. In the last decade alone, we have successfully treated over 10000 facial surgeries here by the team headed by Dr. Sunil Richardson.


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