Facial esthetic surgery in India

Facial esthetic surgery | Fibrous Dysplasia

Looks are very important in the society that we live in. To be born with a facial esthetic deformity and living with it is like a social stigma faced by many people in our country. The main cause of this being ignored. The patient doesn’t know that the defect he is living with can be treated and managed with fibrous dysplasia treatment, thus these patients don’t visit the doctors for treatment. Early diagnosis is an essential part of any treatment.

One such patient visited our center, he was completely unaware of the cause of his facial defect and had never visited a doctor until 30 years of age. He discussed his problem with Dr. Sunil Richardson. His preoperative radiographic scans were ordered. The patient was a case of  Fibrous dysplasia. He was explained by Dr. Sunil Richardson how his condition was completely treatable and how he can have a normal face as well. After all the initial studies were done, the patient was shifted for surgery. Fibrous dysplasia treatment is a condition in which normal bone is replaced by fibrous bone tissue. This condition can be treated adequately by reduction osteotomy & facial contouring procedures.


fibrous dysplasia treatment in India


Facial bony contouring was done for this patient. The case was approached intraorally and thus no cuts were given on the face. The fibrous bone was trimmed off with high-speed drills and the face was contoured as symmetrically as possible. care was taken not to damage the nerves present in that area during surgery. The procedure took around 2 hours and the patient was shifted to the postoperative ward for recovery. The patient had full recovery the very next day. The patient was discharged after 2 days and returned for followup days later. The patient was very happy with the results and expressed his gratitude.


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