facial scar revision surgery

Facial Scar Revision Surgery: It’s Worth It!

Facial scars are reminders left by injuries of the past. They also could be caused by past surgeries, none of which are pleasant to the eye. Scars are an emotional, psychological, functional and esthetic burden, especially on the face. It may even prevent from moving a part of your face due to the scarring. Often living with a scar prevents one from enjoying social situations with confidence due to the distress. Facial scarring is perhaps the worst form of skin scarring one can sustain. The face is the most visible part of the body so facial scarring would be easily noticeable. When a person sustains a laceration on the face, a plastic or facial surgeon should repair the laceration under special scar removal surgery techniques to avoid facial scarring that is unacceptable.

When the integrity of the facial skin is endangered, the skin scars easily. It is up to the skills of the surgeon or another type of doctor, to return skin to its normal integrity with a scar that is the least noticeable. Facial scarring can happen under certain circumstances. So would you want to be called “the one with that scar” all your life? Or would you want your best personality back?

No matter what the cause, scar revision surgeries improve the appearance, form and restore function to the area of your face restoring your self-confidence.

facial scar removal surgery


The goal of revision surgery is to remove the scar tissue. This scar removal surgery is done under local anesthesia lasting for not more than half an hour. The scar tissue is outlined, surgically removed and then the finest sutures are used to stitch the edges back along the natural lines of the face. The sutures are removed in 5 days. With the advised skin care regimen, voila! You are not “Scarface” anymore.

It’s a safe procedure, done under monitoring, which will boost your confidence by getting your older self, back.






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