Fat Augmentation

Fat Augmentation On The Face

Fat Augmentation Case : A 30yr old female came to the OPD at Richardson Dental and Craniofacial hospital complaining that certain areas on the right side of her face appeared flat and lacked contour. She noticed this change in her face only for the past few years and she wanted the fullness of her face back. Upon examination, it was found that there was atrophy of soft tissues on the right side next to her nose, cheeks, and chin.

In Fat Augmentation treatment using fat from other areas in the body where it is in excess is a minimally morbid way of filling deficient tissues with no side effects and short OT time. Fat being formless easily spreads into spaces where it is injected unlike other tissues in the body that can be harvested like cartilage, bone, etc.

The maxillofacial team headed by Dr.Sunil Richardson harvested fat from the abdomen of the patient and injected it into the deficient areas of the face. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia and the patient could go home the very same day. She resumed normal activities a day later and reported no discomfort after the surgery. A satisfactory symmetry was achieved for her face using autologous fat injections. In the pictures, you can see how beautifully the deficient tissues have been filled up by using tissue from the patient’s own body!

Fat augmentation on the face before after


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