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5 Common Lip Lift Procedures: Benefits, Risks, And Costs

There are two options for people who aren’t happy with their lips – lip lifts and fillers. While the latter is popular and takes only a few seconds to complete, it is a temporary solution. A lip lift is a permanent procedure and is ideal for people looking to minimise the space between their nose and the upper lip. There are five common lip lift procedures, each serving a different purpose and varying results. You’ll need a qualified surgeon to help you choose the best procedure. Read on to learn more about the various procedures, including central lip lift surgery:Nibin Lip Reduction Surgery

1. Direct Lip Lift Surgery:

This is sometimes called a gullwing lip lift and is performed to increase the size of the lips and create a better-defined lip border. The surgeon cuts around the upper lip’s edge to remove a strip of skin and pull the skin upward towards the nose. Doing so automatically enhances the colored area of the lips to decrease the distance between the nose and lips. The procedure is ideal for patients with enough excess skin so that the lift can be effective.

2. Italian Lip Lift Surgery:

This surgery may be similar to a bullhorn lip lift but differs in terms of incision – while surgeons make one incision for a bullhorn surgery, they make two separate and small incisions below the nostril for an Italian lip lift. The surgeon pulls the skin upwards to reduce the distance between the lip and nose. The procedure is subtle but results in more pronounced philtrum columns.

3. Central Lip Lift Surgery:

A central lip lift procedure aims to reduce the distance between the nose and the upper lip with an incision at the base of the nose. The surgeon then removes a thin strip of skin at the lower part of the nose to reveal a fuller upper lip. It is similar to a subnasal bullhorn but not as versatile since it works only for candidates with a small amount of sagging skin.

The procedure takes around 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia. However, central lip lift recovery could take longer depending on the severity of the skin that needs lifting.

4. Subnasal Bullhorn Surgery:

We have discussed subnasal bullhorn surgery in detail in our earlier blogs. The procedure involves making a cut at the base of the nose by cutting the centre, left, and right of the upper lip and pulling it upward to remove excess skin. The scars of these surgeries are visible, although the results are far more effective. Also, it takes around 30 minutes under local anaesthesia to complete the entire process.

5. Corner Lip Lift Surgery:

Unlike other lip lift procedures, a corner lip lift enhances the corners of the mouth. It is performed by making small cuts at the top outer corners of the mouth. The surgeon then removes a triangular-shaped piece of skin and pulls the skin slightly upwards to lift the sagging lip corners. The procedure is ideal for people who believe they have a constant sad or serious face.

Benefits of Lip Lift Procedures:

Lip lift surgeries help people achieve fuller lips and look younger instantly. As we age, the upper lips begin to sag or droop – lip lift procedures reduce fine lines and improve the shape and length of your lips.

Risks of Lip Lift Procedures:

As with all surgical procedures, lip lifts also involve the risk of infection, scarring, prolonged swelling, bruising, or even nerve damage. It is therefore important to consult an experienced surgeon.

Costs of Lip Lift Procedures in India:

Lip lift surgeries in India cost anywhere from INR 40,000 to INR 1,00000, depending on the experience and expertise of the surgeon. It is naturally expensive in metro cities compared to Tier 3 cities like Kanyakumari. If you are looking for a world-class hospital offering affordable lip lift procedures, visit Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial hospital.


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