Fixed Partial Dentures

Fixed Partial Dentures

Affordable Tooth Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

When it comes to inexpensive options for tooth replacement, the list is endless. Many of these available alternatives provide optimum functionality coupled with natural appearances. In fact, many people might be afraid to ask their dentist the cost of tooth replacement and fixed partial dentures. This might be due to the popular misconception that tooth replacement might make you break the bank. This is entirely untrue.

Of course, everyone has a different budget when it comes to tooth replacement. Even at that, there are a wide variety of options to select from.

Even with the fact that there are multiple alternatives, your budget also plays a significant role in determining a tooth replacement option that will be perfect for you. Yes, the best way to go when it comes to getting an affordable tooth replacement is to approach your dentist. Available alternatives for tooth replacement include:

Single Implants

As a result of durability and appearance, dental implants have become something more popular than ever before. This is because dental implants remain the only solution to tooth replacements that provides patients with fresh tooth and fresh roots.

In this procedure, a small titanium post is implanted right under the gum and accurately secured to the jawbone. Over the course of a few months, the body will then deposit bones around the implant in order to complete the process.

Often times, this process is similar to the case of a natural tooth. In a single implant, the dentist secures an abutment to the implant right at the surface of the gums. After this, a dental crown, also known as the new tooth, is attached to it. Once it fixed in the appropriate position, the implant will function like a natural tooth, thus, promoting the natural active lifestyle of the patient.

Dental Bridge

Usually, a dental bridge refers to a non-surgical procedure. It involves the replacement of one or more teeth with a bridge. In this process, the remaining teeth tend to function as an anchor serving as a means of support for the new ones. The supporting teeth are surrounded by dental crowns, and then, a bridge is attached to them. The result of the dental bridge is a natural-looking smile that is secure and permanent.

Though, this method might not be as durable as dental implants, but it shows a similar level of natural appearance and security.

fixed partial dentures

Interestingly, the most affordable tooth replacement method in the world today is dentures. This is because it takes lesser time to create. Apart from that, it doesn’t require any surgical procedure or fixing of dental crowns. Instead, an impression is taken from the mouth with measurement. Then, detailed information containing how the dentures will be shaped will be sent to the dental laboratory. So, the dentures can be created. Often times, this takes a couple of weeks. Once the denture is ready, it is returned to the dentist, and it is fitted into the mouth of the patient.

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