Receding hairline treatment in India

4 Things You Must Know Before Opting for Hairline Lowering Surgery in India

A large forehead can divert attention from one’s facial features, affecting self-esteem and confidence. Such people often have to limit their choice to a select few hairstyles that help camouflage their high hairlines. Age, pollution, genetics, and stress contribute to a higher hairline. Thankfully, help is available for people looking to make their forehead smaller. Hairline lowering or forehead reduction surgery is a relatively safe and easy surgery that helps reduce the vertical width of the forehead. Read on to learn more about hairline lowering surgery in India.

What is Hairline Lowering Surgery?

Hairline lowering surgery refers to a procedure where the surgeon makes an incision at the natural hairline to remove a portion of the forehead tissues. This helps advance the scalp and ultimately lowers the hairline. For this reason, some physicians refer to the process as scalp advancement.

The incision is made along the hairline, i.e., from one temple to another, to remove around 3 to 4 cm of the skin. The scalp is then pulled ahead and reattached to the forehead skin. When performed by an experienced hairline lowering surgeon in India, the incision can be camouflaged entirely to give you a completely natural look. However, multiple factors must be considered before opting for hairline lowering surgery, viz., hair thickness, hair density, and even scalp laxity.

Who is a Good Candidate for Hairline Lowering Surgery?

Men and women concerned about their disproportionately high hairline but do not want drastic or unnatural results can opt for hairline lowering surgery in India. People with no family history of hair loss and who have good scalp laxity and hair density are ideal candidates for the procedure.

For instance, patients with minimal scalp laxity may need to undergo a procedure to stretch the scalp before undergoing hairline lowering. Similarly, the surgeon may suggest a hair transplant to improve hair density in patients with thinning hair in the temple region.Lalith Kumar Hair Transplant Surgery

What Happens During a Hairline Lowering Surgery?

The entire process can be broken into three phases: initial consultation, preparation for the procedure, and follow-up and recovery.

Initial consultation:

The surgeon will review your medical history and perform a physical examination during the initial consultation. The surgeon takes photographs for medical records and determines overall symmetry. You must inform the physician about current and past medical conditions, including any allergies. For instance, patients who have previously undergone coronal brow lifts would be at risk of impaired blood flow to the hairline region.

Pre-operation Preparation:

The procedure is not recommended for smokers as it could impair healing. The surgeon may also recommend avoiding certain medications like aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements.


Hairline lowering surgery recovery time could range from two to three weeks, depending on your age, general health, and the intensity of the procedure. Patients experience swelling in the forehead, scalp, and, sometimes, around the eyes. This diminishes over time until it is resolved completely in a few weeks. You could experience bruising around the eyes, which is normal and does not affect eyesight. Sutures are removed after a week, while patients may have to wear a hat or scarf to hide scars until they disappear.

What is the Cost of Hairline Lowering Surgery in India?

Hairline lowering surgery in India ranges from INR50,000 to INR60,000 in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore. If you’re looking for an affordable treatment option, we suggest opting for hospitals in Tier III cities like Nagercoil. But you mustn’t compromise on quality or care. Dr. Sunil Richardson is a renowned hairline lowering transplant surgeon in India with several years of experience in craniofacial surgeries.

To learn more about the procedure regarding hairline lowering surgery in India, visit Richardson’s Dental and Craniofacial Hospital.


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