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Gap Between Teeth Treatment | Causes, Treatment Cost, Recovery Time

The gap between teeth treatment is a cosmetic procedure that is often part of a comprehensive smile makeover plan. The condition is called diastema and does not affect oral health but could indicate gum disease. When there’s a gap between the two front teeth, it is called midline diastema. Read on if you’re unhappy about your gappy teeth and want to do something about it.

Gap Between Teeth Causes

Gap between teeth causes are often caused by multiple factors. While it affects children and adults, diastema is more prevalent among children and could close once they become adults. Sometimes, the extra teeth push the correct teeth out of position. When children lose their baby teeth, the adult teeth could grow misaligned. A large jawbone could create too much room for the teeth, thereby creating a gap. Periodontal diseases could cause bone loss, thereby causing the teeth to shake and shift, leading to gaps. Poor oral habits like thumb sucking can pull the front teeth forward, creating gaps.

An oversized labial frenum, i.e., the tissue extending from the upper lip’s inside to the gums, also creates a gap.

Gap Between Teeth Treatment

There are different gaps between teeth treatments offered, mainly on the size of the gap and the desired functional or cosmetic outcome.


Braces are the most commonly suggested gap between teeth treatments. It is especially recommended when gaps are caused by teeth alignment issues and bite problems like crossbite, overbite, etc. Braces are effective when the teeth’ shape, colour, or size are similar. But dentists may suggest cosmetic treatments like veneers if they’re not similar. This ultimately increases the overall gap between teeth treatment costs.

gap between teeth

Dental Bonding

The procedure involves adding tooth-coloured filling to close the gaps between teeth. The filling is made using composite resin, which is shaped and polished to match the colour of your natural teeth. Dental bonding is a recommended gap between teeth treatments when small teeth cause gaps.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is suggested to replace a missing tooth. Unlike dental bridges, you don’t have to alter the neighbouring teeth; instead, dentists implant a threaded titanium post between the gaps.

Dental Bridges

Gaps between teeth can also be filled with dental bridges if the gap is caused by a missing tooth. But this is possible only if the neighbouring teeth on either side of the gap are healthy.

If gum diseases cause a gap, the dentist may suggest treatment to remove the bacteria before filling the gaps between the teeth. Treatment ranges from scaling and root planing to gingival flap surgery.

Gap Between Teeth Treatment Cost

Cost varies depending on the treatment offered. For instance, the gap between teeth treatment costs for dental bonding is inexpensive, but dental implants are expensive and could range anywhere from INR 20,000 to even INR 3,00,000 for basal implants.

Gap Between Teeth Treatment Recovery

Here again, recovery depends on the treatment offered. For instance, dental bonding is a one-time treatment and does not need recovery. Gum diseases like gingival flap surgery are expensive.

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