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Genioplasty – All you would want to know about it.

What is Genioplasty?

Genium is the chin and plastic procedure there is called Genioplasty procedure. Sometimes also referred to as mentoplasty.

Who needs genioplasty procedure?

It is one of the most commonly done jaw surgery. It’s done to improve upon the looks of the lower third of the face, to give a strong chin in most cases. On the contrary, It can also be reduced to weaken a very strong chin. The procedure is versatile and doesn’t produce any visible scar as it’s done from inside the mouth.


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1. Before Genioplasty, after exposing the chin 2. After completing the Genioplasty, in this case we have used wires

How is genioplasty procedure done?

The maxillofacial surgeon cuts the chin or the lower part of the Mandible ( lower jaw) with the help of saws and/ or burs.
After that, the segment is mobilized to the desired location (can be moved in all dimensions) and fixed using titanium plates and screws.

How long is the stay?

At Richardsons Craniofacial hospital, we often do it as daycare. Sometimes patients might need overnight stay but rarely more than that.

Is genioplasty procedure very painful??

The pain will be very minimal as it will be covered with painkillers which would suffice.

Will there be swelling?

Yes, there will be some swelling as the bone is fractured and mobilized. This might increase up to 48 hours and then it will reduce.
For it to get back to Pre-surgery level, it might take 4 – 5 weeks.

How much does it cost?

There are variations in the procedure as mentioned earlier itself.
However, it would be between USD 1000 and 2000 based on what is done and what implants are used.

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