Genioplasty Surgery in India

Importance of the chin

The secret to facial beauty is the balanced proportion of all facial features. The appearance of any face is a composite of all of the anatomic elements—teeth, bone, and soft tissues—and their relationship to one another. The chin is a prominent facial feature which plays an important role in overall facial appearance. If the chin type is disproportionate, one would like to correct it. That is possible through genioplasty procedure.

One doesn’t have to be a scientist to figure out if anything is wrong with the chin. Which makes deformities of the chin very apparent even to the untrained eye. People are even attributed with “weak chins”, “strong chin”, are the same is associated with their personalities sometimes. The golden era saw men having a strong broad jaw as preferred masculinity. Societal norms hold the same for women too. A narrow jawline is seen favorable for females.

What can genioplasty do

Now not all are blessed with such jawlines.  It is a safe surgery by which all chin deformities can be corrected. Various modifications of genioplasty are present in literature, for certain types of chin deformities. Basically, ones chin bone is cut and repositioned according to the surgical plan best suited to the patient’s needs. Reduction, augmentation, rotation, bone shave can also be done. The repositioned bone is fixed using titanium plates and screws which are biocompatible.

Genioplasty can correct asymmetries, broad chin, narrow chin, deficit chin, small chin, forwardly placed chin, backwardly placed chin, etc. It is even done as a part of a major orthognathic surgery where upper and lower jaws are corrected as a part of facial deformities.

The surgery takes a maximum of an hour and is done intraorally which makes the procedure scarless, safe and permanent when done by trained hands!

Advancement genioplasty procedure at the Richardson’s

A young patient came to the Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital with a complaint of a weak chin, wanted to improve her profile. She also reported difficulty in getting her lower lip to close because of her lower jaw being positioned posteriorly.

A standard cone beam computed tomography was taken to evaluate the deficit present and the advancement required for her to gain the best of surgery keeping in mind the facial proportions. The plan was explained to her, which was getting her chin forward by required distance for improvement in function and esthetics.

The genioplasty procedure was done under general anesthesia. Surgery was done intraorally, the bone cuts made and the chin brought forward. The fixation was done using titanium plates and screws as they are biocompatible. Resorbable sutures were placed. The whole procedure took 45 minutes.

Patient’s hospital stay was for two days post-surgery for the administration of IV medications. She was happy and excited to start a life with her chin up and head held high.  Hundreds of chin correction surgeries have been done under the expertise of Dr. Sunil Richardson over time with excellent patient satisfaction. Even revision genioplasty surgeries wherein patients weren’t satisfied with their previously corrected chin is done as per their requirement.

Genioplasty surgery in Richardson Hospital
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