Genioplasty Treatment in India

This is a case of a Genioplasty gone wrong made alright. One female patient from Hyderabad had come to us after her initial Genioplasty Surgery gone wrong done elsewhere in Hyderabad. Her chin surgery was basically performed for cosmetic reasons. But as fate would have it, the surgery performed on her was not successful. The patient was disappointed and by word of mouth she reached us at Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Nagercoil.  On initial consultation, Dr. Sunil Richardson inferred that the previous surgery had broadened her chin that gave her a masculine appearance. The correction surgery was scheduled.

Initially, the plates from the previous surgery were removed. The patient had experienced pain and discomfort after the previous surgery as the mentalis muscles of the chin were locked up in the plates. Vertically the jaw was bone shaved and the vertical height of the chin was reduced up to 4mm. The chin bone was rounded off to give a softer, feminine look. The patient responded well to the surgery and hence she was discharged within a few days.

This kind of correction of previous dissatisfied surgeries can be corrected here at Richardsons Dental & Craniofacial hospital. The patient regretted her previous surgery done at a well-known hospital. Now after her correction done here, she was teary-eyed and full of gratitude to Dr. Sunil Richardson for bringing back her life and confidence.

The patient has her previous genioplasty surgery done in June and unfortunately, she had stayed with the pain and discomfort caused by the locked up mentalis muscle. Now relieved from all discomfort she had gone through in the past few months, she has got back her life. Do not worry if you ever had to go through the same situation, come to us here at Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital and we would make your life better.

Before Genioplasty Treatment in India
Before Genioplasty Treatment

After Genioplasty Treatment in India
Right After Revision Genioplasty with Swelling

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