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What is a Custom Jaw Implant?

There is a range of specific sizes involved in a standard jaw implant, which, although could work for some patients, but not for everyone. For a custom jaw implant, 3D computed tomography (CT) imaging is employed along with a computer program to design an implant that meets your specific needs with regards to height, width, and depth. A custom jaw implant requires you to get a CT scan so as to get a 3D rendering of your jawline and chin in order to create the design of your custom jaw implant.


As is the case with every cosmetic surgery, the necessary requirements to be eligible for a custom jaw implant or jaw angle reduction surgery in India include being in good health, being a non-smoker, and just being realistic about the results of the procedure. The surgeons at Richardsons can aid you in determining whether you need a traditional jaw implant or a wrap-around jaw implant. A custom jaw implant surgery in India is applicable for individuals with weak jawlines and chin asymmetry, those who have facial asymmetry due to congenital defects or injury or aging, and individuals who want to alter the shape of their jaw.

What to Expect During a Custom Jaw Implant Surgery in India

During your custom jaw implant surgery in India, the first thing that will happen is that your medical history will be reviewed and a physical exam will be performed. You will be asked questions regarding your past and current medical conditions. Discuss any surgeries you may have had and the medications you have consumed previously or are taking at the moment. Remember to tell the medical team if you are allergic to any medicines. In order to deduce your treatment options for a custom jaw implant surgery in India, areas of your face will be examined and measured, including your teeth, so that your overall symmetry and balance can be determined.

Photographs will be taken for your medical record. Our surgeons then discuss your reasons for wanting to get a custom jaw implant surgery and what your expectations are with regards to your appearance after the surgery. The photographs taken are then combined with computer imaging during the consultation period to give you an idea of the expected results. The custom jaw implant cost in India or jawline reduction surgery cost in India is something you don’t have to worry about at Richardsons because not only is the procedure affordable at our hospital, but our expert medical professionals ensure the process is carried out in the smoothest way possible.

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What is a V-line Jaw Surgery?

A v-line jaw reduction surgery in India or anywhere else in the world is also known as a mandibuloplasty, in which surgery is done to make a patient’s jawline look narrower. The surgery helps in getting rid of parts of the jawbone and chin so that the jaw could heal in a more pointed shape, resembling the alphabet “V”. If you want to get a v-line jaw reduction surgery in India or v-line reversal surgery, we at Richardsons are here to assist you with it. In order to get a v-line jaw surgery, it is best to be a non-smoker and have an active lifestyle. Not having a health history of bleeding or autoimmune conditions is crucial as well.

The angles of an individual’s jaw and chin are revised with a v-line jaw surgery. The jaw is given a more triangular shape by getting rid of the broader part of your mandible bones. The surgeon shaves down the tip of your chin so you get a sharper tip at the bottom of your jaw. After the surgery is over and you have healed, the modifications done to your chin and jawbone are fused together to give your jaw a pointed and elongated shape.

What is the Procedure for a V-line Jaw Surgery?

Before your v-line jaw surgery, your face is marked to confirm the surgery sites. You’re given general anesthesia before the procedure and it begins by making incisions on your chin and along your jawline. Your jaw is placed at a sharper angle and the surgeon shaves down your jawbone. The surgeon then stitches together your incisions and dresses your wounds. Temporary drains could be inserted as well to help you heal faster. A v-line jaw surgery takes about an hour or two to be completed. Once the procedure is done, you’re taken to the recovery room and you might have to stay overnight to complete your recovery.

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