Nose Correction Surgery

Guide to Nose Reduction or Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Everyone wants a beautifully sculptured face with the perfect nose, eyes, chin, cheeks that is a delight to look at and worthy of admiration. In the search for perfection people sometimes undertake rhinoplasty or bulky nose surgery to make their nose achieve a specific shape and size. Nose surgery is recommended for both medical reasons like breathing issues or to change disfigurement caused by accident or birth defect and for cosmetic reasons. In this article we shall be discussing why nose reshaping procedures are recommended and how that can improve the individual’s overall appearance and confidence.

Nosse Plastic Surgery Result

When is a nose job necessary?

The best person to advise about a nose job would be an experienced surgeon that has carried out such surgeries successfully in the past. The usual circumstances under which nose job is advised are:

    1. Reduce extra cartilage or skin of the nose to make it look shapely.
    2. Refine the length of protruding nasal tip.
    3. Bring symmetry to a broken or crooked nose after an injury or trauma.
    4. Reduce breathing problems by correcting blocked passages of the nose.
    5. Refine the size of a nose that is too large or wide for the face.

Types of Nose reduction surgeries for bulky nose

Though nose surgery is advised and recommended only after detailed discussions with a surgeon about patients’ goals, evaluation of facial features and overall health, there are some other facts that need to be kept in mind. There are two chief means of Rhinoplasty which can be elaborated as below:

    1. Open Rhinoplasty – In this surgery small incisions are made between nostrils and nasal tip to gain access to the nasal recesses within. The nose is then reshaped as discussed by the surgeon. The scars in this surgery are hidden under nose contours to keep the face blemish free.
    2. Closed Rhinoplasty – This surgery is used for people that require minimal changes to get the requisite shape and there is virtually no scarring as incisions are made within the nostrils.

Nose Corrective Surgery Side View

Rhinoplasty in India

Bulky nose reduction surgery in India is now gaining popularity due to improved results, availability of expert surgeons and increasing awareness about the procedure. The bulky nose surgery cost in India depends on the city where the procedure is being done and on the surgeon’s reputation. While cost of pre- and post-operative care in hospitals located in Tier 1 and metro cities are high, the Tier 2 cities are more reasonable without compromising on facilities. The average bulky nose surgery cost in India can range between INR 50,000 to upwards of 1 lakh or more depending on corrections required like narrowing, reshaping, bone, and cartilage correction.  There are several reputed surgeons working with top hospitals and running private clinics and a needy patient can find the best bulky nose surgeon in India in any large city or town. The best way to find the best bulky nose surgeon in India is to carry out thorough research about the surgeon credentials and testimonials from patients before deciding.


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