Cleft occur in adults

How Does Cleft occur in Adults?

In developed countries, with the advancement of medical services and awareness among patients, it is rare to find adults with un-operated cleft lip and palate. However, the scenario is totally different in developing countries.

Working as part of a team in a developing country, where co-coordinated teamwork is primitive, there are not too many resources to provide treatment. The public is not easily aware about treatment options. Besides, the anomaly is minimal and the age of patients reaching for primary treatment varies from few days the too late forties. Cleft deformities are challenging entities as such, but even more difficult to treat in an adult. This patient was a challenge to treat for the same reason. It’s not easy to reorient the muscles and gain the right aesthetic result, especially cleft palate in adults. Their aesthetic and functional concerns are greater as they are more aware of what they expect.


A 30yr old man had come to Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital. He was noted to have a severe cleft lip deformity on both sides. To give back the aesthetic and functional result it is a challenging task as higher chances of fibrosis are likely. Under the experienced cleft palate surgeon  Dr. Sunil Richardson, the surgery was done to repair the cleft deformity. The patient now looked like any other individual. His joy knows no bounds now! No matter what the age, the type or severity of the cleft, at the Richardson’s the treatment is given to make a difference. Changing lives.

Cleft Palate Surgeon in India
Before Surgery


Cleft Lip After Surgery
Cleft Lip- After Surgery

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